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Twitter Now Shows Other People’s Favourited Tweets

Twitter has made a not so insignificant update to their timeline- they are now adding Tweets to your timeline that have been favourited by people that you follow. An addendum to the…..

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Staying On The Ball in SEO

SEO is an ever-evolving industry that requires consistent research to stay up to date on where Google’s algorithm is heading, and other updates. As the term suggest, Search Engine Optimisation-…..

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Anatomy of a Great Website Press Release

So….JXT have just built you a fab new website. You love it. Your clients love it (the few who have seen it). Now….you want to tell the world. But how…..

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The 10 Biggest Digital Strategy Mistakes

Given unprecedented queries regarding Google’s latest Mobile Algorithm update we have published this to coincide with our Digital Strategy Sessions in each state. So What are the 10 biggest digital…..

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Embracing Change is a Culture Issue

It’s pretty clear by now that the biggest change to EVER happen in Australia’s workplace has been led by the digital revolution. Social Media’s Eric Qualman has been famously touting…..

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The Misnomer of the Passive Candidate

In recruiting circles, you’ll regularly hear about the value of the ‘passive’ candidate, and how the aim in today’s overly saturated recruiting industry is to maximise gains within the fabled…..

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Is Your Blog Post Really Needed?

Blogging isn’t something that I want to make more complex than it actually is. After all, it’s a process which has become completely ingrained in the digital sphere- and which gained…..

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How recruiters can get content marketing right…

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience…..

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Basics of Employer Branding Online

Understanding the importance of employer branding is essential for candidate attraction and for recruitment marketing, whether you are looking to promote just one employer or if you are seeking potential…..

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This is what pops up when I type “recruitment” into Google images. This is collectively what google (& the world) sees in their minds when they about recruitment agencies and…..

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Looking at SEO – Mobile Speed & Bing Ads

Two pressing issue in the ever-changing world of SEO. Need for (Mobile) Speed: People demand instant gratification in today’s society- if your website is taking too long to load, there’s…..

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Less Promotional Posts on Facebook

Facebook recently announced that as of January 2015, there will be less posts on your newsfeed that Facebook considers to be ‘overly’ promotional. The feedback from an ongoing survey with…..

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Where Social Recruiting Stands Today

Social recruiting as a concept isn’t necessarily something new. Sure, there are new technologies and platforms (and new social networks being released every day!) that allow social recruiting to flourish and…..

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How to Write an Engaging LinkedIn InMail

At the heart of the recruitment industry is engagement with candidates and other connections who can assist you with your HR and recruiting goals. LinkedIn is becoming more and more…..

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How Your Social Efforts Affect Your SEO

The relationship between your social media efforts and your organic SEO is uncertain and completely depends on who you’re talking to. According to Google’s Matt Cutts in this YouTube video, Facebook…..